22 de September de 2015

The Sound of the Animals!

O Som dos Bichos
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“The Sound of the Animals” presents the world of animals to the children, teaching them which sound each animal makes and what are the names of each of these sounds.

The Sound of the Animals is an educational children’s book, which also seeks to teach and entertain children. Kids face the pleasure of a good reading since their childhood with our app!

The Sound of the Animals works as a game in which the player must interact with animals. The Sound of the Animals is a painted fairytale, a form of literature attractive to children. It always uses good humor, imagination and children’s enjoyment for games in order to hold the little reader and tell the story in an enjoyable and playful way.

Watch The Sound of the Animals trailer:

The Sound of the Animals brings rich colorful illustrations and beautiful text and it will take the children and all lovers of children’s literature to meet Peter and his monkey friend Baboo in a magical adventure where animals need to rescue their own voices!

Peter loves the animals! Every day he plays with the piggies, he likes singing with the birds, jumping in trees with the monkeys, riding horses, and after all he enjoys listening to the happy sound of nature, but he knows that fairy tales are not made only of friendly dragons or beautiful princess.

There’s always a witch to offer Snow White an apple. So, near his farm a very bad Goblin stole all the voices of the animals. “Where is my voice?” said Baboo, through a gestures language, to Peter. Peter got so angry with this that now he wants to face the challenge of giving the voices back to the animals.

With The Sound of the Animals, you are going to live the nature magical atmosphere among birds, goblins, woods, beasts, monsters in this book that is also a toy specially made for little kids.

The dog, cat, chicken, cow, the sheep, and many others are presented in this fascinating story Cuca Studio brings to all of you!

Fly high in your imagination, press play and have a Happy Reading!


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